We teach you to shoot. We train you how to defend yourself.

Our Insructors

 Our instructors are composed of law enforcement officers and most are former military. We are certified police officers, certified firearms instructors for Louisiana P.O.S.T,  and by the NRA. Our staff resumes include various certifications ranging from military small arms trainer, specialized military and law enforcement assignments, police academy instructors, Louisiana P.O.S.T. law enforcement firearms instructors, active shooter instructors, a military and swat team sniper, and swat team members.  

Concealed Carry Certifications Available Now

Get certified to carry your handgun to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Coming Soon: Advanced Concealed Carry Class - Level II

Take the level II CCW class. In this class you receive advanced training and an additional certification.

Coming Soon: Beginners through advancedHandgun,Combat Rifle, Precision Rifle, Long Range Rifle, and Shotgun Classes

We will offer both beginners and advanced shooters specialized training for all of your firearms.