Concealed carry training

You will not just learn how to shoot, You will learn to survive.

We provide concealed carry certification classes to qualified individuals who want to exercise their right to protect themselves and their loved ones. We have a professionally trained staff with over seventy-five years of military and law enforcement experience. Our classes are in depth and structured and you receive hands on training.  We pass that knowledge on to you.  Our classes are also fun.

Our staff will start with the basics and progress to cover multiple defense techniques and situations that most will only find in advanced classes. If you do not have experience shooting firearms don't worry. We will teach you the correct way to grip, stand, and shoot a handgun. Our instructors will not let you look at a slide show for hours and simply shoot at a stationary target just for us to sign off on a certificate. We go well above and beyond the typical concealed carry training. We will progress to teach you techniques and tactics that the professionals use. We will teach you proper technique that is practical and effective. We will teach you how to win if you are involved in a critical situation where you have to defend yourself. We teach you how to survive.  We teach you what to expect if confronted with a self defense situation. This concealed carry course teaches you much more than just how to shoot.      

Present statistics show that 83% of individuals will become a victim of a violent crime in their lifetime. 52% of those individuals will become a victim of a violent crime again. The perfect scenario would be that you will not be faced with a violent crime. The fact is that statistically you may be, so our job is to teach you how to react and survive using real world proven defensive techniques relative to concealed carry. In order to react effectively during a violent encounter you have to have proper training, not just with a firearm. You must also have knowledge and mental training to survive a violent encounter. You can not control the actions of an attacker but we will teach you how to control a critical situation and prevail.

You will leave this class with the knowledge, tactics, and techniques that are taught by instructors who have trained for countless years. We will also share our vast knowledge of criminal and civil law with you. We will also help you understand the legalities of carrying and deploying a concealed weapon in a self defensive situation. We want you to have the proper knowledge. We deliver a great deal of information that has been learned through years working in our professions. We will work with you so you can have the knowledge to mentally, physically, and legally defend yourself. We do this because we care.

 Our class is approximately nine hours long. We will begin the day with a brief introduction. Soon thereafter we participate in hands on drills.   Classes can be held any day of the week and on weekends. We host private classes upon request. Louisiana is a "shall issue" state. Once you are certified you will not be denied a permit to carry a concealed handgun if you meet the requirements. 

The cost of the concealed carry training class is $115.00 which  includes the range fee.

  Please email Cheri at with a list of people who are attending the class and a class date so we can email a confirmation.   

Train how to survive. You and loved ones depend on it.