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Dixieland Tactical Concealed Carry Certification 

Lead Instructor: Ronald Lightell 


We provide concealed carry certification classes to qualified individuals who want to exercise their right to protect themselves and their families. Our staff will start with the basics and cover multiple defense techniques that you will only find in advanced classes. We have a professionally trained staff with over 45 years of combined military and law enforcement experience. Louisiana is a “Shall Issue” State. Once we certify you, this state will not deny you a permit to carry a concealed firearm if you meet the requirements. Cost per student is $115.00 which includes the range fee. We offer discounts for group training of 10 or more students. This course will be a basic course that the student will need to achieve a concealed carry license in the State of Louisiana. This course will cover principles involving handling and knowledge of firearms, criminal law statutes, self-defense, and a practical shooting course. The classroom portion of the course will be held at 1115 Hickory Avenue in Harahan, Louisiana. Class will begin at 08:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. (Please arrive 10 minutes early.)  The practical firing portion will be conducted at the Shooter’s Club which is also located on Hickory Avenue.      

  All students will be required to bring the following items to the classroom:  

- A functioning handgun (semi-automatic or revolver). The handgun must be capable of firing an effective defensive and controllable caliber, preferably a .380 acp or higher.  If you do not own a handgun one will be provided.

- 50 rounds of ammunition. If you do not have ammo, it will be available to be purchased at the range.  

-  Ear and eye protection. You can rent ear and eye protection at the range for approximately $2.00 if you do not own any.  

-  A good pair of shoes 

-  Any medication that may be needed  

-  Snacks and drinks. Pizza, coffee, and drinks will be provided. 

-  We accept checks and cash.      

-  All students will be required to sign a liability waiver and will be asked to fill out an emergency contact form at the beginning of the course. This course will last approximately eight to nine hours, as mandated by the State of Louisiana.   We will have fun, and you will walk away with knowledge and skills that you need to defend yourself.  If you get lost please call Ronnie at 504-481-4335.         


Ronnie Lightell  Dixieland Tactical Training  504-481-4335     

 Please email Cheri at cheri@dixielndtactical.training with a list of people who are attending the class and a class date so we can email a confirmation.